• Mats

    The company "MAREX" can offer mats that are made of aluminum and there is a possibility to built-in and to upgrade. Mats are the essential, functional and decorative detail, in the furnishing interior and exterior, offices as well as living space.

  • Rolo zavese

    Rolo zavese predstavljaju na našim prostorima imaju najdužu tradiciju korišćenja. Rolo zavese imaju široku primenu jer mogu biti zamena za roletne. Rolo zavese su sve popularnije u opremanju enterijera.

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  • Strip curtains

    Strip curtains are the vertical curtains that are made out of a tape, with width 127mm and 89mm. They are made of PVC as well as of aluminum materials (which can be perforated). Strip curtains are easy to install and operate.

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