Strip curtains

Strip curtains are the vertical curtains that are made out of a tape, with width 127mm and 89mm.

They are made of PVC as well as of aluminum materials (which can be perforated).

Strip curtains made of PVC materials have a tape with width 127mm or 89mm, and aluminum strips are only of 89mm.

Aluminum Strip curtains satisfied the criteria of sanitary conditions. They are available in different colors.

Strip curtains are easy to install and operate. Primarily they are intended for decoration of office space, but more often are used in apartments because of the large selection of colors and moving properties (refuse dust and unpleasant smell), so they are very easy to fit and to maintain.

There are two strings to command:

* to rotate the strips by a vertical axis (lighting and darkening)

* the strips withdrawal by the curtain rods (release area)

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